Thursday, June 10, 2010

1- What kind of teacher/coach soccer is ideal for the children?

Will be the individual that, simultaneously, has experience as a player and has a properly formation allowing him to training young players

Must be a teacher/coach who, have significant a expertise in soccer, who likes to work and it can establish a good relationship with the children, who is knowledgeable of its differences stages of development, and knows the means and methods more appropriate for the integral development of children.

The Coach is a one “Central Figure” of a vast and complex system of links and influences that compose sports activity.

The teacher/coach, through all that does, educate and former human be, and that is a model for all those he works with on a daily basis. Their influences are carried directly on the young players and indirectly on those around him, assistant coach, directors, team managers, parents and fans.

The coach must be a good example and a good model for everyone, fundamentally with the children and young players, because they are in the formative phase of his personality and acquisition of values and references to its future life. So the coach must have the consciousness of the impact of their options and priorities lead in children and coaching young players, since the children are easily influenced and are daily confronted with new experiences and situations.

The teacher/coach, for what they are and for what they makes, exerts a strong influence and model the behavior of their players, being their action is sometimes stronger than their own parents.

“The Teacher/coach should be rated and paid, not for victories or defeats catered for their teams, but in terms of human being that he helped build”

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