Thursday, June 10, 2010

2- What are the objectives of the teachers/coaches of youth soccer?

The coaches of the formative youth soccer, have the main objective, contribute to a proper training of children, but always encouraging the desire and taste for victory, since win are an ambition of every human being. It is not however, to win at all costs, putting in question the developing of young players.

Specific objectives of the teachers/coaches of children (young players):

•To know the young players coaching as training, and the characteristics of the different phases of development.

•Contribute to the development the specific capabilities (physical, tactical, technical and psychic) of soccer.

•Contributing to general formative and integral of the common citizen.

•Promote the taste and habit by practicing sports, providing happiness and enjoyment in young players, through the activities to be developing.

•Addressing the expectations of children and their families in a realistic way.

•Direct its actions, emphasizing primarily the effort and progress in learning, putting first the interests of players and so after the victories of the team.

Adopt an environment heavily focused on learning and low oriented to productivity are more appropriate for children, in order to maximize the motivation and the realization of all its capabilities.

They must not be put objectives in children, exclusively victory or success (which depends on factors outside the player, such as the ability of opponents, the strategy used, the environment, the condition of soccer field), but to “fight” and give maximum effort to win, because the only aspect that the player can control, are the effort that performs in the competition.

Coaches must know well the young players he training, understanding their problems their attitudes and their motivations, realizing that the main reason that leads them to play soccer are the enjoyment and fun.

On the other hand, the coach must know the main reasons that lead children to abandon of sports, and are:

1* The fact that of not playing enough time.

2* The negative reinforcement and constant criticism of the coaches.

3* The inter-individual differences in physical maturation

4* The psychological “stress” of competition

5* The constant failure

The importance that the teacher/coach has with young players requires a formation extremely careful for the exercise of its function.

One of the characteristics of good coaches are the desire and the capacity permanent to update, always want to know more, what passes for a continuity formation, through the participation in debates and seminars for coaches, reading specialized magazines, observation and exchange of experiences of methods of training.

Any project credible of developing young players must be accomplished for the quality of Intervention of their coaches.

The product of work done by teachers/coaches of youth soccer manifests itself in the long term and not immediately.

Being teacher/coach of youth soccer is working without clock and has all the available time devoted to develop children. Are necessary to have patience and perseverance, because the fruits of the work will only appear in the long term.

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